I have been noticing a recent Bayer advertising campaign that I thought was the perfect example of using scare tactics in advertising to promote consumption.  This particular commercial I’ve seen is an ad for Bayer aspirin.  It is a simple commercial with a man talking about how important it is for older men and women to be on an aspirin regimen to avoid heart attacks, heart disease, and any other diseases/problems aspirin may help avoid.

Though I realize I’m not in the target market Bayer was looking to attract, this commercial even made me think about when someone should begin taking aspirin regularly.  I think this is a good idea for Bayer, considering the lact of differentiation in the aspirin industry.  Aspirin is aspirin and a company needs a way to stand out if they want to up their market share in an industry with no differentiation.  Considering Bayer probably loses business to brands selling cheaper, generic aspirin, I think these commercials mixed with scare tactics are a good idea for the company.

Also, I couldn’t find the commercial on youtube, but I found a Bayer aspirin commercial from the 1960s that had a different approach.  In the 1960s, they seemed to suggest aspirin for any basic cold or fever.  Though this is a completely different angle of advertising, I thought it was interesting how general this commercial was compared to the newer commercial promoting Bayer aspirin for prevention of heart disease.  Now that there are so many different products for each specific problem a person may have, Bayer is now advertising their aspirin to a specific target market, instead of anyone with a cold, flu, or fever, like in the 60s.  I know these are two separate points, I just thought it was interesting how differently a company must advertise today, especially in the medical industry.